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Meet The Parents
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Meet the Puppies

New Puppy (female) 4/14/2023

Destiny (female) 11/24/2022

Cuddles (female) 10/28/2022

New Puppy -(female)    AVAILABLE

Born 4/14/2023

Destiny -female-  SOLD

Born 11/24/2022

Precious (female) 10/28/2022

Duches (female) 10/28/2022

Cuddles - (female)    SOLD

Born 10/28/2022

Gracie (female) 5/1/2022

Precious -female-  SOLD

Born 10/28/2022

Dutches -(female)    SOLD

Born 10/28/2022

Gracie -- - SOLD!

 Born 5/1/2022

Goldie (female) born 5/1/2022

Brandy (female) 4/7/2022

Marshall  (male) born 5/1/2022

Goldie  female-- SOLD! 

Born 5/1/2022

Marshall male-- - SOLD!

Born 5/1/2022

Brandy -female - SOLD!

Born 4/7/2022

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Deposit $300.00

About Us

Nebraska Department of Agriculture nebra


Welcome to Nebraska Jack LLC 

Home of the Shorty Jack Russell Terrier

If you are looking for a breeder that offers a high quality program and personal attention to each of our puppies, you’ve come to the right place. At Nebraska Jack LLC we will give all of our puppies the attention you will come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best care and socialization for our puppies in our home, so they are ready to become a full time part of the family in your home.

We feel you will fall in love with the shorty Jack Russell just as we have. Our puppies and dogs receive lots of love and affection in our home and are socialized well with our children. Nebraska Jack is a small hobby kennel in a rural location.


This is ideal for rambling country walks through the countryside.

At Nebraska Jacks we have over 100 acres for the little guys to get around. We are located within walking distance to Lake Minatare. They love running off energy on the sandy beaches or just taking a swim in the lake. Our focus is on Shorty Jack Russell smooth coats. Conformation and color are very important to us. Our breeding program is designed to produce good bone structure. We have established lines that are proven to be well socialized beautiful perfect family companions or show competitors.

Nebraskajack bloodlines are some of the best in the United States for health, calm temperament and conformation. Nebraskajack takes dog breeding seriously and wants to perfect the breed. We use good judgment in determining which dogs to breed to produce the best Jack Russell puppies for you.

Thank you for considering your new family member from Nebraska Jack LLC.

About Us

Health Information

We know our dogs and their ancestors. Health is our top concern.


All of our dogs are up-to-date on vaccines, free from intestinal parasites, and on a balanced diet. These are all important factors in providing optimal health for the parent and offspring.


Puppy is guaranteed against infectious disease for ten days from the time it leaves our care. We can offer you this because our puppies are vaccinated.


All of our dogs are PLL tested or are cleared by parent verification.

When our puppies are three to five days old the veterinary will dock their tails and remove their dewclaws (if required) so they meet the standards for a working Jack Russell Terrier. They will have been properly weaned, dewormed and receive their first series of inoculations.


 puppies that are shipped through airlines  come with health certificates from a licensed veterinary.


Buyer has the option to take the puppy to a vet within 72 hours of purchase to have it checked. If the puppy is not found to be in good health the puppy can be replaced with another.

Health Information


The DeCrocker’s
Jeffrey & Jerrilynn & John



Jeff DeCrocker: 





John DeCrocker:


8 AM To 8 PM
7  Days a Week


310455 county rd.G 
Minatare Ne. 69356



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