Health Links

We know our dogs and their ancestors. Health is our top concern.

All of our dogs are up-to-date on vaccines, free from intestinal parasites, and on a balanced diet. These are all important factors in providing optimal health for the parent and offspring.

Puppy is guaranteed against infectious disease for ten days from the time it leaves our care. We can offer you this because our puppies are vaccinated.

All of our dogs are PLL tested or are cleared by parent verification.

When our puppies are three to five days old the veterinary will dock their tails and remove their dewclaws so they meet the standards for a working Jack Russell Terrier. They will have been properly weaned, dewormed and receive their first series of inoculations.

All of our puppies have a two year health guarantee from congenital defects.

All puppies come with health certificates from a licensed veterinary.

Buyer has the option to take the puppy to a vet within 72 hours of purchase to have it checked. If the puppy is not found to be in good health the puppy can be replaced with another. We welcome our puppies home at any age if the owner finds themselves suddenly unable to care for the pet. This gives you piece of mind in the event of unexpected circumstances.